The Perks of the Jungle

Artist Mort Kunstler;

Romance Flash Fiction:

The forest trail wound left and right through the thickly wooded jungle. Branches of trees slapped me in the face as I hustled as quickly as I could, panting as I went, my heartbeat racing as fast as my legs were able to carry me.

I knew she would be waiting for me at the south side of the river. We had promised to meet there in case we got separated when the native tribe discovered our presence in their backyard. And discovered us, they did. Dodging arrows and angry cannibals in the pouring rain, we had hightailed out of their camp and slipped down a muddy slide down the side of the mountain. That was the last I’d seen of my Aster. And between us, it was no secret that somewhere along the way in our heart-stammering adventure, I had fallen in completely in love with her. Every glance of her deep green eyes and every grin on her soft full lips sent my heart flooding with ecstasy.

Now as I launched my way up the path through cob webs and ferns, and barging through thick branches that formed walls blocking the way, I trudged on. With any luck, Aster wouldn’t have been spotted by the tribe. At least not yet. There was no telling what they would do with her once they had her, and I just couldn’t bear the thought. Soaking in sweat, my clothes still wet from the downpour, I yanked off my shirt and swung it over my shoulder.

Then to my delight, I heard a female voice in the distance – singing! There was a literal ray of hope shining through the thick-leaf jungle trees and lighting on a bay of some kind where the river made a large pool off to the side. When I pulled the tall grass back at the edge of the water, I gasped with unexpected happiness to see Aster. She was bathing in the water naked!

She had her back to me, and turning around in the water, she gasped and blushed at my sight, trying to cover up but not succeeding.

“I do hate to interrupt,” I said grinning. “But they’re coming. They’ll be here any minute. We’ve gotta run.”

There was a long silence before she answered. Surprisingly, she still bathed, rubbing her hands over her creamy skin as she watched me. Finding my eyes, she must have known what I was thinking and seemed to enjoy being ogled by me. Jungle birds hooted and hollered in the trees around us. For a moment as I observed her beauty, I momentarily forgot how treacherous our situation was. I just wanted her. And in my field of vision, she was all that existed in this place, even in the entire world.

“I have a better idea,” she said. “Why don’t you keep watch while I finish up bathing here? I still need to get dressed.”

“I have an even better idea,” I replied, unbuckling my belt with side holster and pistol and letting it drop to the dirt by the water’s edge. “Why don’t I join you? At least when they come, we can tell them … we thoroughly enjoyed their country.”

Tonight You’re Mine

Artist Coby Whitmore;

Sensual Romance four-line flash fiction:

Celosia’s deeply seductive eyes fixed on me with intensity, ferocity, and potency, potent for making love, which she was so tumultuously good at.

She slithered closer until I could feel her hot breath on my ear, the tip of her tongue trailing gently along the edge of it, teasing, goading, tormenting, forcing flames of desire to ripple to the surface of my rock hard body.

“Tonight,” she whispered close, “you’re all mine.”

For my reply, my mouth slipped delicately through loose tendrils of blonde, finding her ear, whispering with defiance, “No, Celosia, you’re mine.”

A Kiss in the Park

Artist Ron Hicks;

Sensual Romance Flash Fiction:

In the summer sunshine, the grassy meadow with its dew heavy like a blanket of moist velvet, glistened under deep blue skies. Clouds like feathered pillows plumed heavenward and sighed in repose as a babbling brook trickled along, its fresh water palpating over stones and fallen tree branches. Birds joined the chorus and offered a lullaby of hope on this glorious morning in the park where Gladiolus met me by the park bench.

“I got your message to meet you here,” she said panting heavily, tossing several shopping bags onto the bench next to me. “I’m glad I didn’t miss you. I couldn’t get away as fast as I’d hoped.”

For just a moment, I sat there appraising her with the eyes of one who lights up in the presence of elegance and artistry. As she stood before me with her hands on her hips, flipping her short curly hair back, she stole my breath away in one moment, my heart picking up the pace to catch up to my thoughts that had burst in pure adoration and love.

“I would’ve waited for as long as it took,” I replied softly. “I had to see you.”

She squinted her eyes and cocked her head. “Why?” she asked with a grin. “The last time we met, you didn’t seem so interested.”

As the invisible electric surge that linked our hearts drew her nearer, I reached out my hand to hers and took hold of it, feeling its warmth. As she drifted closer, I was suddenly keenly aware of her breasts through her sheer white blouse and her smooth kissable thighs visible under her mini-skirt.

“That was because you had your arm linked around someone else’s,” I said.

“And now that I don’t?” she asked, her eyes softening as she peered into mine.

“There you have the answer to your question,” I grinned, pulling her down to the bench swiftly, my arm catching her around the waist as she sat to the right of me.

“Oo,” she grunted pleasurably, turning her face to mine.

In the same smooth motion, my lips pressed to hers as our mouths opened naturally, our tongues slipping in and finding each other’s wet and wanting. As we kissed, my right hand stayed around her back, heat coursing through my fingers through the fabric of her blouse, while my left held her side.

When we separated, she whispered close to my mouth, “You were always the one I wanted anyway. I loved you but I was afraid I couldn’t have you.”

“Gladiolus, let me ease your fears,” I said, tenderly stroking her cheek. “So that you’ll never have to doubt again.”

When our lips met again, it was with more force, more urgency, more of everything. The barricade that had been in the way of us being together before was now crushed beneath our feet, and we both knew that there was nothing holding us back now.

All around us nature stirred and the sun rose higher in the morning sky. Gladiolus swung her leg over my waist to straddle me, kissing me fervently, her fingers gently gliding along my jaw line as her tongue made love to mine.

Slow Dance of Enchanting Words

Artist Jim Schaeffing;

Sensual Romance Flash Fiction:

My words breathe sultry over your ear, the caress of my salacious discourse that finds its way into your pores, through your veins, and straight to your heart. You shudder at my amorous enticement that sends first shivery goose bumps, then incandescent passion, and finally pure bliss. These words of mine draw out your extraordinary essence, a woman of refinement and poise, of beauty and desirability. And you bathe in their tantalizing effect that stirs tiny orgasmic microseisms beginning at the whisper in your ear and spreading lower in warmth and flame.

Next come my lips, a delicate kiss against your ear lobe, evoking a gasp, a moan, a pulsation in your voice, in your breath as you exhale. Trailing down your cheekbone, my lips ingest your velvet skin one brush at a time, slowly, languidly, delighting in the touch of your softness and the aura of your warmth.

Finally come my hands, stalwart and forthright, rugged yet sensitive. The one on your bare shoulder slides lower, trailing delicious curves and resting on your hip, drawing you madly against mine. My other hand like a feather slides your dress strap down your arm, letting it hang over your elbow until it slips further down. When the strap on the other side follows suit, you turn to face me, your eyes a glowing fire within, your breath quick-paced and eager.

As our lips meet with life-sustaining intensity, the words that I planted in your heart earlier suddenly blossom into a rose, a flower ready to be tended and watered.

The Taste of Savory Wine

Artist Glen Orbik;

Romance four-line flash fiction:

My fingers trail along the keys of the piano, lighting up the night in song, pouring passion, endearment, and desire into every note.

Magnolia slithers up onto the piano, holding a mic to her mouth, matching the rhythm of my tune, breathing out sensuousness and aphrodesia with the seduction of her alluring voice.

Her eyes take mine in, and mine are lost in hers, the music dancing in unseen harmony across a cord of ravenous infatuation that conjoins our hearts.

With the song barely over, she leans in and I taste the savory Pira Barolo on her lips as we are drawn into a world of timeless wonder, a place where love and romance and music intermingle in one delicious kiss.

Leading to this moment

Artist Edwin Georgi;

Romantic flash fiction:

Frolicking foreplay of tugging loose clothing, teasing loose hair, laughing together, kissing gently, nibbling ear lobes, unbuttoning buttons, licking fingers, tickling bellies, giving goosebumps, tracing lace patterns, grazing body parts, leaning in, leaning out, entwining legs, massaging tight muscles, caressing unconfined, petting soft fur, fondling turn-ons, rising in stimulation, tasting hot and sweet, melting in fervent heat, desiring more, consuming more… led to this moment. With you. Right here.

Whisper a Melody of Love

Artist Rudy Nappi;

Romantic flash fiction:

Soft echoes of blissful sighing drift in with every wave, a parade of messages off the coast, a desire for solitude and belonging, tranquility and assurance. An ocean breeze fans through your thistledown hair as you lean back into me, resting with peace of mind and heart. My fingers on your cheek bring a smile to your face and I whisper things in your ear only we know. My left arm wraps around your side, drawing you closer, and your hands cover my fingers. I gently kiss your ear, provoking a reaction, a moan.

Every evening we spend on this beach, walking with sandals over tiny sea-saturated rocks, searching for seashells to add to your collection. We meander hand in hand and don’t even think of the time, as if time doesn’t exist here, or anywhere with you.

And with every sunset over a dazzling lustrous horizon, I fall more and more in love with you. Your playful laugh and joyful spirit, your desire simply to be with me and me with you, your heart of love that fills the universe with benevolence. If the universe ever depleted of goodness, if that were ever possible while you existed within it, you would fill it up again, because the goodness in your heart would be more than enough to go around and come back again for seconds and thirds and however many times it needed you. And it needs you, you know.

I need you like that. I am that universe of depletion to you and I need the replenishment of your love to sustain me. Without you, the ocean waves wouldn’t roll, nor would they continually whisper your name over and over in sweetest refrain, a song that needs no note to duplicate a symphony. Without you, the sun wouldn’t reflect on the glassy surface and blind my eyes with love. And how blind I am to all else but you. You revolve in my sphere of sight like a planet that knows only one moon, and I reach to you as a plant finds its water of life.

Now you are here with me as the sea fondles our hearts, tickles our fancy, and rests assured in quiet trust that nothing can ever disturb us like this. I kiss you on the cheek and you finally turn to me, a gleam of pure radiance dancing in your eyes. When your lips touch mine, it is like the sand receiving the sea, the water soaking into every crevice between every rock and particle. My arms scoop around you, pulling you in, lifting you up. You laugh and I bring you back down, back to our kiss, the place where we and the ocean become one.