The Beginning of Us


Artist Ed Tadiello: photo:

Romantic Flash Fiction 1:

At the end of the forest is the beginning of us. Birds of every kind chirp in stereophonic symphony in melodies we understand, not through our ears alone, but in our souls. We’ve spent time in this place, a sanctuary of refuge for our love, an oasis of nature among dense foliage, this green kingdom of fern and bush. The morning bouquet of the woods around us whispers an aroma of fragrant bliss, and my heart can’t remember a sweeter time.

I begin with a kiss, a soft petting of the lips on hers, melting into her world, her heart. “These past several days with you have been a dream,” I say, the touch of my hand caressing her face like the tender brush of silk. “Like I’m lost in a dream, and every moment I wake up, I find myself there again.”

“This is the moment we say goodbye,” she says sadly, “isn’t it?”

“If I could stay I would,” I acquiesce, my heart breaking with every syllable I speak. “I want nothing more than to be with you and have you near me, just like this. Just like this weekend.”

“Don’t tell me you want to see me again,” she says with melancholy woven through her words, her voice. “I know it’s impossible. I only want to hear that you love me. Over and over again.”

“I do,” I smile. “A billion times I do.” My lips press to hers in velvet softness and the forest around us envelopes us with its magical blanket, the warmth of summer, the touch of love.


25 thoughts on “The Beginning of Us

  1. gentle touch that lingers with bliss
    hearts become the sun
    full of heat and bright passion
    never wanting it to end love just began
    the moments of love will forever be
    on the soul’s memory


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