The Fire in Our Hearts

Artist Robert Berran; photo:

Artist Robert Berran; photo:

Romantic Flash Fiction 2:

As snowflakes tapped against the window pane in meditative rhythms and rhymes, stormy winds outside howled like wolves on a hunt. Tall pines swung in the blizzard like drunken seafarers on a voyage to snowy depths as powdery drifts lifted and swirled and danced to a chaotic cadence. In the distance, snow-peaked mountains watched over the violent storm like sentries at their posts, knowing all too well that the cold, unrelenting winter had brought its most stalwart onslaught this season.

But in the midst of the squall, there was a fire. It burned strong and bright and hot and made us forget that a storm raged beyond the stone and log walls of our private lodge. More than that, my love for her stirred so deeply within me that it warmed that place in both of our hearts where the fire couldn’t touch and the storm couldn’t enter.

Sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace, I leaned back on the couch, slipped my hand around her waist, and gazed into her eyes. She lay on top of me and with one hand around my neck and the other sliding up my silk shirt, she said, “Kiss me again.” And I did, and it was lovely. Slow, sweet, and delicious, like a creamy cup of hot cocoa.

I had the feeling that we could have stayed that way forever, our lips allied to the other in their euphoric sway. “I want nothing to spoil this moment,” she said with her breath on mine like cinnamon spice. “We’ve traveled so far to get to this place. Couldn’t we stay one more night?”

It was true. We had traveled long, weary miles to get here, but we had never given up. We knew we’d find this place and we eventually did. The fire that warmed our bodies was nothing compared to the one that now warmed our souls.

“One more night,” I replied, “and an eternity after that.”


24 thoughts on “The Fire in Our Hearts

  1. I love you flash fiction stories. You have the talent of setting an atmosphere and give us a good picture in our minds. On top of that this piece particularly, I like the poetic tone it has. It’s wonderful

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    • Samantha… You had me at the first three words of your comments! 🙂 Thank you so much for your beautiful words. They encourage me so much!! It is truly an honor that you’d read my work and enjoy it. Have a great day!

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      • I have a very bad bad mind Dave, when I am writing I write the most things that will drive me out of earth, sit me on a comfortable couch and tingle my body from the tip of my toes to the strands of my hair. I like feeling body excitement. So they will always be erotic stories. They might not be so detailed but they will be as hot as hot liquid fire, I can promise you that. 😉

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  2. Impassioned love that is felt deep
    So strongly intense it melts the hearts
    To be inner woven finely
    Sensual cream of a mouth
    Watering treat love is the flavor
    Heated by willing beings wanting to be a part
    Of satin filled alluring over taken
    By emotions blissful moments
    Memories forever to be tainted in the heart
    And mind, kisses that stain the lips with
    Cherry scented sweetness, silk tongues touch
    Passionate kiss that brings two loves into one
    Ephoric mountain, the chilly air of outside is not even felt the flame of a fireplace is simmered to mild. Because the heat of love between two desiring hearts has taken the room.
    This what your story is one romantic nights touch that your readers never want to end. I thoroughly enjoyed it just before I sleep. Now I will sleep well. Wonderful work sweetie pie
    Double Besos a ustedes

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  3. Romantic Dave I have already read this one.
    But reading it again was still a delight.
    I love the romantic scene sitting by a fire place, being held by the one who you love and adore. The warmth of the fire caressing the skin. Intense sensual kisses that make you melt even more with smooth tasteful lips. Sweet and lovely perfect for a sensuous experience. Love in front of the fireplace would definitely make a very hot day.

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