Again and Forever

Artist Morgan Kane; photo:

Artist Morgan Kane; photo:

Romantic Flash Fiction 10:

The summer breeze has a warm tenderness to it. The way it wafts ever so gently over the leaves of the forest, the trees waving back with their playful frolic. Crooning birds lift up their voices to distant friends with melodies familiar to these woods, and a stream over rocks delivers its part in the symphony of the timberland. Woven into the tapestry among the bushes and green, wildlife rustles and teems and plays its game of survival, searching for breakfast in the early morning.

She stops at the water’s edge, her heart stammering with excitement like the awakening life of nature around her. The lake is surrounded by forest trees on all sides and seems out-of-place, as if in a dream, a mirage or illusion that manifested itself from her imagination.

She watches him with bated breath as he rises out of the water, walking toward her, the water off his skin glistening in the sun, sizzling in the summer heat. Their eyes meet and sparks fly once again.

She knew she’d find him here. He had been missing for days. Rumor had it that he’d been living off the wild, hunting, fishing, gathering berries, surviving out here. Now she knows it’s true. He’s alive. That’s all that matters to her. Or is there more? She never expected to miss him so much, never expected to fall so hard for him.

Like a runner at a starting line, she waits, her breath and heart rate swelling with the heat from the morning sun’s rays. Finally she can take it no longer, and she rushes into the water, throwing off all inhibitions and exploding with passion from the place in her soul that wants him and has to have him.

She catches hold of him, and he grasps her with strong hands that could hold her for an eternity. And they kiss. Long, warm, and spirited with everything they have and everything they are.

“My love,” she says. “Kiss me again.”

“Again,” he says, his lips finding her exposed neck, “and forever.”


8 thoughts on “Again and Forever

  1. Lovely piece
    I wish I could write this way
    You’re very talented
    You’re one of my favorite blogs
    I only have 3 that are my favorite now four
    Which is yours

    Liked by 1 person

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