A Costumeless Halloween

Artist Stanley Borack; photo: pinterest.com

Artist Stanley Borack; photo: pinterest.com

Romantic Flash Fiction 11:

It was turning out to be a costumeless Halloween. Far on the other side of the world, on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific, the beginnings of hurricane-force winds battered the beach, sending sand and salt water through the air while palm fronds whipped about like multiple dragon tails. Waves crashed hard against the beach and sent the spray of the sea bursting forth like an explosion from the water.

The sun had been strong on my skin all day, and I was thankful for the wind, but it was picking up fast. I wiped salt water from my face as I watched her approach, completely naked from head to toe, holding her auburn hair from flying about. She was apparently having trouble keeping her balance against the gusts. Appraising her beauty, I sucked in my breath and felt my heart pound in my chest. It didn’t matter how many times I had seen her like this. She always took my breath away. But there was something about today. Something was different. Not with her, but rather in my heart when I looked at her.

When she was in range, she yelled to me through the howling wind as she squinted her eyes from the sun and whirling sand. “Do we have to continue the shoot this afternoon? It’s looking more dangerous by the minute.”

I shook my head. “We’d better call it a day,” I yelled back. “Unless we wanna get swallowed up by the sea. Anyway, my camera’s got salt on the lens that I need to clean. Let’s find some shelter.”

We were within touching distance, and for a moment, neither one of us moved. How could we? There was an invisible cord, I could feel, tugging at our hearts and drawing us to each other. We stood there, jostled by the wind, observing each other with different eyes than the way we’d normally seen each other. She had never seen me without my professional get-up – typically a Hawaiian shirt, Bermuda shorts, sandals, and always a camera covering my face from a safe distance away. Her eyes took me in, raking down my muscular build, pausing at my Speedo, hesitating a little, and returning back to my eyes.

A licentious smile crept across her face. “You look good,” she said. We had been on an hour break from the photo shoot and I had changed out of my clothes for a quick swim.

I returned the smile. “So do you.”

She snickered. “You’ve seen me like this almost every day this week, and in more provocative poses than this.”

I shook my head slowly, my heart gasping for air. “Not like this. Just you. It suits you.”

She came closer and took my hand, sending shock waves through every bone in my body. “Come on,” she said. “Let’s go find that shelter.”


6 thoughts on “A Costumeless Halloween

  1. Simply beautiful. Your romance literally laments my romantic fantasies and dreams. First it was the theatres and now it’s the beach, how the hell do you read my mind?

    This is beautiful Dave, I was missing out these past few days.

    Have you ever considered writing an erotic flash fiction? You write so effortlessly beautiful and some love making scene written by you would a million ways beautiful and unforgettable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Again, Samantha, your comments always put a smile on my face. Thank you so much! Because of you, I can’t wait to write more and more of these. As for erotic flash fiction, I haven’t written one yet, but I do take requests.. 😉 I have written lovemaking scenes in my romance stories (there are at least two in my published novel), and I enjoy writing them with tender sensuality and plenty of sugar, lol. Since you’re encouraging me, I promise to consider one for a future story. 🙂 Thank you always! x


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