Words to my Lovely Rose

Artist: Rob Hefferan; pinterest.com

Artist: Rob Hefferan; pinterest.com

Romantic Flash Fiction 12:

Long after the sun had bid us adieu, we strolled along the city streets hand in hand, watching our reflections in the store windows as we passed. A subtle warmth in the air blanketed the city and rested upon us as she leaned in close to me, and I inhaled the gentle aroma of a pink rose, or what I imagined to be a pink rose. With my arm around her waist, we walked at a snail’s pace, listening to the clack of our shoes on the sidewalk, observing the shopkeepers closing up for the night, and admiring the quiet that surrounded us. The streetlights glowed in spheres of light and at that moment, I knew that there was nowhere else on earth I would have rather been.

We arrived back at my car and I put the top down. Neither one of us was in a hurry to leave. When she sat in the passenger’s seat, she adjusted it to lean back all the way. I turned to her and beheld her beauty, the way the moonlight splashed across her upper body, accentuating the soft feminine curves of her shoulders. Her face glowed like an angel and her expression was pure contentment.

“What you told me back there at the theater,” she said, her voice a whisper in the dark, amplified on the empty street. “Did you mean it?”

“Every word,” I replied.

Her face appeared melancholy as half of it covered in shadow. “It’s just that no one’s ever spoken to me like that before. The way you did. The words you said. I could feel my heart returning to a place long forgotten since childhood, a place where I felt truly loved, safe and rested in someone’s caring arms. Yet you hadn’t even touched me. They were just words.”

I leaned back and slid my arm tenderly around her. She looked perfect in the formal dress that she had worn to the theater. The way she had braided her hair made my heart stir within me once again.

“Words to fill you with joy. Words to say I love you,” I finally said.

She turned her eyes to me, a tear forming over one, as I mouthed the three most beautiful words that I had poetically described earlier. “Don’t say that if you don’t mean it,” she said, shaking her head, a waver of fear breaking in her voice.

“Marry me,” I said boldly. “Then you’ll know how serious I am.”

For what felt like an eternity, she appeared to be held prisoner in a kind of spell of disbelief. “You… we…”

“Marry me,” I said a second time.

Instead of answering, she wrapped one hand around my neck and held the back of my head as our mouths met. Her lips molded into mine, our hearts intertwining. Our kiss was long and slow, a tender dance of mouths and tongues that knew just when to press and when to release, opening a portal to a dimension of love that we never knew existed before this night.

When our mouths finally separated, she rested her head on my shoulder and simply smiled. As I held her there with time itself standing still, I grinned and marveled at the irony. With many words I had poured out my heart to her, but with one beautiful silent kiss, she had given me her answer that would change the course of our lives forever.


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