The Object of His Desire

Artist Morgan Kane; photo:

Artist Morgan Kane; photo:

Romantic Flash Fiction 17:

As a warm tropical breeze drifts over the island paradise, ocean waves pucker up and kiss the golden sand. Palm trees dance in intoxicated joy and revel in the sensation that love, thick and corpulent, is descending upon the beach like morning mist.

Wading up to the beach with his surfboard tucked under his arm, Davey smiles as he sees Amelia at the water’s edge, a perfect vision of divine beauty, watching him. Waves wash over her as the water saturates her violaceous bikini bottoms and emerald blouse, which now appears sheer, and a smoldering desire burns within him at the sight.

His heart leaps when their eyes meet. He knows now that she is everything his heart could ever want in a woman. The way her eyes sparkle in the sunlight. The way her coal black hair tosses in the breeze. The way her breasts rise and fall with her breath. She has become the perfect object of his deepest desire.

As he approaches her on the beach, he tosses his surfboard to the sand a short distance away, and sliding to his knees, he melts into her. Amelia slips her arms around his broad chest, pulling him in, as her legs wrap around his hips. Easily and naturally, Davey’s lips find hers and their wet tongues caress in a burst of fiery passion. As a moan escapes Amelia’s mouth, she lightly nibbles at his upper lip and lingers a while, allowing their sensual fever to rise with the morning sun.

When their lips separate, Davey smiles and whispers close. “You came back.”

Her eyes appear hurt, somber but hopeful. “I had to, Davey. How could I ever leave this place? The work that I do here. These people are my home. They depend on me.”

A sparkle of love and admiration shines brightly in Davey’s eyes. “I knew you’d never give up.”

A tiny tear trickles down Amelia’s cheek. “Thank you for believing in me. But more than anything else,” she begins, the words fighting their way past her timidity. “… I came back for you.”

He is speechless, melting in the gesture, sliding his fingers through her hair and bringing his lips to hers once again.

“I love you,” she whispers between kisses. Finally, with two hands holding his cheeks, she peers at him through deep, revealing eyes. “How could I ever leave the object of my desire?”


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