Kiss Me

Artist Tom Lovell; photo: pinterest

Artist Tom Lovell; photo: pinterest

Romantic Flash Fiction 18:

Deep in the heart of the forest, on every tree, there is a bird that sings a song of love. To the untrained ear, it sounds like a chirp or a warble or a tweet, and nothing special can be discerned from the melodic cheeping from one bird call to the next. But let love fill your heart, and you’ll hear a song so lovely, so beautiful, that it reverberates off the inside of your soul and lifts you to heights higher than you ever imagined.

Such was the case with Amaryllis as she walked along the broken path of the forest, meandering here and there and humming to herself, joining the birds in their symphonic melody. She would see him again, and the longing in her heart arrested her soul as her excitement overflowed within.

But deep in the far canyons, beyond the mountains where the Yellow-eyed Junco calls, a peel of thunder rolled across the darkening sky. Worry and fear suddenly shot through Amaryllis like bullets from a shotgun, replacing the hope that had pervaded earlier. Maybe he wouldn’t come after all. A storm was on its way.

Then pellets of rain, tip-taping on her shoulder, then her hair, then her face. Finally a downpour. She stood out in the open, hanging her head, allowing every drop to saturate her dress like she had jumped in the river – only the river had jumped on her. Her hair went flat against her forehead and anger was the next emotion in line. How could this have happened? She had looked forward to this day for so long. Too long. And now it was gone. Washed out with the storm. Despair came next as she wondered if she would ever have the chance to see him again.

The thunder was louder now, the rain pelting harder. She opened the palms of her hands and lifted her face to the sky, squinting and feeling the stinging rain pummel her cheeks. This was not the way she had wanted this to end.

But as she lowered her eyes, something caught her attention through the downpour. A figure. A man!

“Amaryllis!” she heard him cry through the storm. He repeated it again.

New life filled her heart as if breath had been pumped back into her from somewhere beyond. Forgetting the fact that her dress was soaked all the way through and that her hair was a matted train wreck, she plunged ahead down the muddy path toward the man’s voice. Her boots tore through the mud, splashing profusely as she ran, but she made her way toward him with every last ounce of energy she had.

Finally, he was there, standing before her, just as drenched as she was. He grinned at her and for a moment, there were no adequate words that could describe their reunion.

And in an instant, she was on him, crushing her lips to his in a savage display of passion and affection. He responded immediately, his arms around her, inviting her in, his tongue like a circus animal stimulated by the whip of its master. Her hands went to work, raking through his hair, touching his face, grasping the back of his neck as they kissed with such passion that they forgot they were even in a storm in the first place.

When they separated briefly, he tried to speak, to explain what was in his heart, but he stammered, not able to get out the words. “Amaryllis…” was all he could manage.

“Just kiss me, Davey!” she said through the noise of the rain, her hands holding both sides of his chiseled face. “Kiss me like you’ve never kissed me before, as if you never will again. Kiss me like this storm will sweep us both away and take the fantasy of our love with us, washing it into the mountain stream, never to be recognized or known again. Kiss me like that. Kiss me now.”


14 thoughts on “Kiss Me

    • Thank you so much, Kanika! Greatly appreciate it! And yes.. he is. *blushing* Thanks also for following my blog. It’s nice to meet you. Can’t wait to read your posts! Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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  1. Davey! I love it when he is the protagonist man. And your words Davey, simply amazing, the scenery, the storm and how she feels, it’s like I transform into being her for a second because I feel it all, all how drenched her dress and her hair are.
    And mostly the lines ‘ kiss me like you have never kissed me before, as if you will never again. Kiss me like this storm will sweep us away…”

    I just love your writing, man!

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    • Thank you again, Saam! You have such a beautiful habit of making my day with your comments! 🙂 This was also a special story to me. I love the romance and adventure of it all. And how could one resist such a kiss? 😉 Thanks again, Saam, for being such a Davey fan. I’m sure he’ll make many more appearances in future stories. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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