The Fragrance of Love

Artist Ed Tadiello; photo: pinterest

Artist Ed Tadiello; photo: pinterest

Romantic Flash Fiction 19:

As high tide pounded the rocky shore with every exuberant crash of the waves, dark clouds rolled in, interrupting the lover’s walk. Letting the strong wind whip through her auburn hair, Virginiana felt the tiny pellets of ocean spray kiss her soft cheeks as she held Davey’s hand, careful not to slip on the rocks. Seagulls squawked nearby, two of them fleeting over the water at breakneck speed, with wings spread, struggling about in the stormy gusts.

The sound of the wind and the buffeting waves became almost terrifying the closer she walked to the water.

She turned to Davey and the sight of his smile set her heart at ease. “The ocean can be so beautiful,” she said, raising her voice over the wind and waves. “But stir it up a bit, and it becomes an infuriated beast.”

As she stepped cautiously over a sea-washed boulder, she suddenly slipped and would have dropped into the ocean if it hadn’t been for Davey catching her. She was immediately cognizant of his presence on hers, his strong arm wrapped around her waist, his fingers warm to the touch, even through the thin fabric of her dress. She looked up at him with wide eyes as if to say, “Do that again,” and Davey moved in closer for a kiss.

As soon as their lips touched, Virginiana felt like she had been plunged into a romantic world where only she and Davey existed and life begins a new dawn, a new day full of hope. She moaned from the touch of his lips and his tongue as she slid her fingers through his hair. Behind them, a wave pummeled the rocks nearby, sending spray like rain over both of them.

It was a date that she would remember for the rest of her life. He had taken her here upon her request, to return to the place where they had first met over a year ago – the beach where they’d first laid eyes on each other, and where they’d fallen in love. Back then, the sun was high in the sky and the weather was warm and inviting. She remembered how his cologne had taken her breath away and every detail of how he’d looked in his surfing trunks, his taut muscles glistening on a summer’s beach.

Almost immediately following their first date, Virginiana had moved away for work but had promised to stay in touch. Days without him had left her lonely and remorseful, regretting ever leaving him, worrying that he would find someone new. By the time she had found a way to come back, she assumed it would be too late. But not for Davey. He said that if it had taken fifty years, he still would have waited and he still would have dreamed of her day and night, praying for the day of her return.

Finally they reunited. Finally they declared their love for each other. Finally they were here, back at their beach. Never to part again.

As Davey held her close, she breathed in his scent that she had kept in her memory every day since she had moved away. Davey whispered in her ear, “I’m glad you said yes. I was so frightened you might say you’d have to leave again.”

She looked deep into his eyes and shook her head. “I’ll never leave again. That’s a promise I intend to keep.”

As their lips met again, Virginiana’s heart soared like an albatross high over the water. No matter what would befall their journey together, she was willing to dive in with every ounce of her being.

Stormy winds, crashing waves, and pounding surf could come. They were more than welcome. Because being held in the arms of her lover, she finally knew peace, and she could rest there a while, knowing that they would weather the storms together from now on.

It was a simple lesson she had learned while being away. That he was the missing piece of her heart. The agony of waiting and the desire to return had finally subsided, and left in its wake the scent of a man with whom she had vowed to spend the rest of her life.

In love. Always.


8 thoughts on “The Fragrance of Love

    • Thanks so much, Moe! Your words warm my heart. I am so happy you enjoy my stories. Please feel free to check out some of the other flash fictions here and let me know what you think. I put a special piece of my heart in each one. 🙂 Thank you again!

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  1. Christ I have been missing out! Davey this is exceptionally written, with wit and deep romance. Every time it’s like you know how much of a love sucker that I am and you keep on making me wish to live life the way your characters do.

    I love this and it’s my first time ever reading or hearing a name called Virginiana, where do you get such unique names lol? I always have a hard time naming some characters.

    And as always, I love love love when Davey is the protagonist 😄

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