The Dawn of a New Day

Artist Jack Faragasso; photo: pinterest

Artist Jack Faragasso; photo: pinterest

Romantic Flash Fiction:

It was the dawn of a new day. Morning awoke before we did throughout the tranquil forest with the sunlight streaming through branches of green leafy trees. Birds chirped and warbled songs that echoed in the treetops, and a lark was hooting far away. In the midst of it all, a wide river hurried on its way, flowing fluidly, languidly, and tenaciously over rocks and downed branches, percolating at the heavier boulders by the river’s edge, but undeterred and unfettered, it flowed ever onward.

This was my love for Acacia, one that gushed forth from a heart of infatuation, affection, and purity, a love that never shrank back from obstacles to have her, a love that kept flowing no matter what.

In the forest beyond the river lay a clearing of green grass where I laid on my back, my head resting on my folded jacket, feasting my eyes on my sweet Acacia, smiling up at her as she lay over me. Melting under the sultry rays of her sensual curves and sanguine beauty, my heart sighed and purred like a contented lion, and the way the sun gleamed off her blonde hair like flakes of gold took my breath away. When I reached up to run my fingers through it, its softness overwhelmed me.

She returned the smile and her face lit up with the morning sun. Beauty found itself in her high cheekbones and the generously curved, full lips that I so desperately wanted to sink my own into. I couldn’t help but stare, capturing a snapshot in my mind of her dainty oval face, and the sparkle in her brown eyes where there was both delicacy and strength and more than an ocean of love that I intended to explore until the day I died.

“I love you, Acacia,” I said impulsively, knowing that those words flowed directly from the center of my deepest heart. “To wake up with you at the dawn of a new day is all I could have ever asked for.”

Her eyes returned the love without even having to say it, but her expression slowly fell languidly as anxiety took its grip on her heart like eagle’s talons sinking into flesh. “I want to weep for what they’ve done to you. They’ve taken everything you owned – your house, your car, your things, everything that you have ever known. All … gone.”

I knew it all too well, my background that wrapped around my neck like a locked metal vice. At the age of sixteen, I had taken to the debilitating habit of gambling after winning one single hand in a poker game. From then on, the extreme rush to risk more than I could pay overtook any sound reasoning and I was hooked. The more I won, the more I gambled. By the age of 21, I was on my way to becoming a self-made millionaire. Only it wasn’t my money. It was never my money. And all the while, the drinking, the binge partying, and the sexual debauchery with multiple women at a time ironically brought more and more misery into my life. Years passed and I fought to find a way out but there was none.

I often thought about that hand I won when I was sixteen and what my life would have been like if I had lost it. But it was too late and there was no hope for a fresh start. That was until an angel came into my life by the name of Acacia and I finally knew love. Love was my new motivation and I was going to do anything in my power to break the habit that was slowly killing me. So I decided, with no regrets whatsoever, to let it all go. To pay off my debts, I gave the bank all I had, right down to the penny. It turned out it was just enough to be set free.

I knew it would be a test of our love, whether Acacia had loved me for my money or for me, but I am happy to report that she stood the test. Here. In the forest clearing where I loved her now more than ever, I smiled up at her with a heart full of love, feeling as light as a feather on the wind.

“It was all worth it, my love,” I said. “Now I know freedom.”

“What are you going to do now?” she asked.

Wasn’t that the million-dollar question? But it was all so simple. Only things in the way made it more complicated than it was. Now nothing was in the way.

“This,” I said, reaching up and pulling her head down to meet my lips. A surge of love like the flow of electromagnetism connected our lips, and our tongues naturally found each other wanting, moist and tender, delicate and serene. Like the river that flowed over rocks, smooth and unrelenting.

In letting go, I found my freedom. In Acacia, I found true love. And in the forest clearing, on that beautiful morning of destiny, I found a fresh start.


20 thoughts on “The Dawn of a New Day

    • You really made my day with your comment, Steph! Thank you! You warmed my heart. ❤ And yes, I have no doubt in my mind that you will get this kind of love. You truly deserve it. 🙂


  1. The fireplace in lovers heart delicate light
    filling the room of their soul’s with it’s warmth
    feels like a romantic kiss against his and her skin
    Holding tightly in each other’s arms love’s truth
    feeling the sensual touch but it is not from a hand
    the touch is from within the heart from one heart to the other
    Satin lips full and luscious precious expression of love shared in a kiss
    it is beautiful just as the Dawn of a new day

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