Sunsets and Rose Petals

Artist Max Ginsburg: photo: pinterest

Artist Max Ginsburg: photo: pinterest

Romantic Flash Fiction:

Cloud plumes of downy fleece, illuminated in a tangerine glow, spread across the peaceful twilight sky. A balmy breeze wafted through the window into their suite and swept away the tension like gusts over a field of wheat, carried away on a current of love.

Having stripped off his dance top to reveal his fit, muscular physique, Davey gazed into Amaranth’s hazel eyes with mixed emotions. Whenever he was in her presence, on stage or off, his heart palpitated to a beat of pure enchantment, driving the passion inside of him to desire her more and more. It was their secret weapon to constant success on stage, their love for each other that was a powerful, hypnotic, living wave of electricity that bound them to one another.

But their boss had strictly forbidden them to date socially outside of their nightly performances, knowing full well the consequences of what that could bring, especially if they ever broke up. So night after night for almost a year, they would dance the tango in each other’s arms, all the while with the desire for one another reaching a boiling point that they could no longer ignore.

Finally, they had made a decision and it had led to this place, to the Palace suite with a view of the sunset that would symbolize the end of their tour, the day they said goodbye to their dreams. Davey took the rose that he had held in his teeth while they had danced on stage that night and began separating the red petals, tossing them one by one onto the sheets.

Amaranth slid up to her knees on the bed, her hands gliding over the toned curves of his biceps and forearms, her eyes moistening with tears.

“I want this so badly,” she whispered. “But our dreams, our lives as dancers. This job has offered us everything we could ever ask for, and nothing like we would ever find elsewhere. And now…” she hesitated, her breath shallow. “What are we doing?”

“Do you regret this?” he asked her, his hand gently scooping the long curly black hair behind her head. Her beauty once again overwhelmed him, and all he wanted now was to delve deeply into the passion that burned within his heart for her. To kiss her full lips, to take her now on the bed, to consummate their love for each other. But he waited for her answer. If she went back on her promise, he would have to respect that, but his heart would be crushed.

“No,” she said, shaking her head, fighting back the emotion that wrestled with her heart. “I…” she hesitated, sniffling. “Never will I regret this.”

“Neither will I,” Davey reassured her. “I love you, Amaranth. And to me, love is more important than security. Indeed, love is the very security we seek. We will find work. This I promise you. Let us discover our security together, my love.”

And he watched – no, marveled – as the fear in her eyes suddenly melted away, replaced with a confidence he had only seen in her on the dance floor. She had made up her mind and was not turning back. She was choosing him – choosing love.

As he reached down, his mouth melted into hers, their tongues finding each other and building to passionate indulgence. Throwing caution to the wind, they threw their arms around each other and finally let loose the wild passions that had held them back.

As the sunset disappeared over the horizon and twilight yielded to night, the rose petals were trampled under two bodies that had finally found each other.


26 thoughts on “Sunsets and Rose Petals

  1. It is still me Monique, i changed my display name
    This is very hot. I like it
    Steamy as hot fire
    Sensuously scented
    Love so enticing
    passion at it’s highest
    Surrounded by desire
    Heart and bodies yearn
    It is a beautiful moment experience
    Sunset and rose petals

    By the way I deleted my site, I have a lot going on that I need to focus on. But, if you don’t mind I still would like to visit your site as I love to read your work

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As always, you blow my mind with your work Davey and mostly it’s like you are reading my thoughts and when I read it’s like I am seeing it all happen.

    This was conveys what I have been thinking about lately, if I find love before I go to uni, in which it will be far away from home. Would I choose love over a career I have worked my entire life for?

    It scares me shitless and Amaranth and Davey make it look so easy.

    I am so sorry I have been distant, college is really tough on me these days, can’t even write a thing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, It surprisingly snowed again where I am. So by the fireplace I find myself once again. Reading this beautiful romantic sexy piece was worth the read. I’d like to call this a delicious desert for the heart to feast on with pleasure. The story was well written and very charming. Sensual and sweet just as scented roses. A warm passionate hug against the heart a kiss deeply felt that lures with its smooth tone of care. Softly loving yet intense two lovers impassion becomes a bountiful explosion of love. Two lovers Sharing a experience that is so blissful their hearts won’t forget it. Intensely sensual their bodies will react in excitement everytime they remember the thrilling moments.
    Once again I will say well done sweetie pie Dave
    I’ll say well done sexy Dave for this piece don’t blush too hard haha. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am imagining you reading my story by the fireplace, querida. This is exactly where I want you to be. In a comfortable spot, the lights dimmed just enough for atmosphere but bright enough for you to read, and your heart warmed by the fire and the words. This one is intended to be a desert just for you. And yes, you made me blush very, very hard. 😉 Thank you for the poetic words again and for leaving such stirring comments, amiga. May you experience sweet besos by that fire. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Indeed this was a desert. A good comforting story to help keep me warm. And you are very welcome you know I adore your stories.
        Dulce Besos are perfect by a fire
        Besos amigo


      • This story is a sweet kiss of love and pleasure. Expressing the romantic and sensual love between two people It should feel so good that you don’t want to it to end. So satisfyingly that your mouth waters when you imagine it. So sexy it makes you feel good when you close your eyes and touch your own skin recalling every move that was made in those sensual moments. Every sensual and romantic experience should be one remembered by the mind and body this story expressed just that. Showing the passion of these two characters
        Perfection sweetie pie Dave,


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