Gently Whispered Dreams

Artist Arthur Sarnoff; photo: pinterest

Artist Arthur Sarnoff; photo: pinterest

Romantic Flash Fiction:

It was a glorious sunny day at Love Beach when she heard her dreams whisper to her from the hollow of a seashell. They were words that she had known in the deepest recesses of her heart and longed to hear if only for a day.

Along the slope of a sandy dune, Kahili Ginger lay on a beach blanket, basking in the summer sun. Behind her in the branches of green leafy trees, birds chirped and sang melodies that calmed her soul as the waves softly trickled up the sand in overlapping froth. The scent of coconut suntan lotion over her breasts and legs was soothing and comforting, and the fresh sea air reminded her of when she was a little girl laughing and running on the sand to escape the next harrowing incoming wave from tickling her toes.

Reclining on her back, she removed her sunglasses to receive his kiss as he leaned in closer and found her lips. His kiss was like the penetrating sweetness of a pomegranate that sank in deeper into her taste buds and lingered there, stirring up delectable flavor. Their tongues danced like silk on satin, and she moaned into it as his delicate passion took her breath away, leaving her yearning for more.

He was gazing into her eyes when she opened hers, the brightness of the sun making her squint. Just one smile from him was enough to melt her heart. She stared back at him, lost in his eyes, drawn to a place where time stood still. Inhaling and exhaling slowly, she felt her chest rise and fall like the ocean waves.

“Kahili Ginger,” he said, his voice a deep tonal co-mingling of masculine power and tender grace. “I love you with all of my heart. And I know I always will.”

Dropping the seashell from her ear, she grinned broadly and wrapped her arms around his bare shoulders, pulling him in for another kiss. This was the whisper from the seashell, the words of the ocean. Not a gentle sea breeze, but his words, his heart, and his voice.


10 thoughts on “Gently Whispered Dreams

  1. I envy you Davey because you write romance like no other writer that I know of and I aspire to garner such a skill and blessing. You bless my heart with these stories because like I have said it before – they echo all that I want in my life. Love. God knows how much I love, crave and need love in my life and your stories provide me hope that it’s real. They don’t feel like fiction at all, it’s like I am reading a promise that one day. One day I will feel this was. I will feel the unconditional love that I feel from your stories.
    Incredible story this is. Thanks for writing such perfection Davey. You might not know it but some of us want and need to read such kind of text to keep our hope alive. 😊

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    • Aw, this time you have so touched my heart with your lovely comments, Saam, that you’ve left me with a tear in my eye. This is all I desire to write about. And if it can be done, even in just a portion of what you described, I will be a very, very happy writer. No fame or fortune competes with knowing that I have given a tiny dose of hope to someone’s heart. If I can do that for you, Saam, consider it like a loving hug, arms wrapped around, and believe that it will happen for you. 🙂 ❤

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      • Aww Davey, you will make me cry too 😢. At least I know it’s a tear of joy though. You always give me hope Davey and these days I have feeling a bit down and hopeless but after reading this my hope blazed through me. You provide this hope 😊 don’t ever stop writing

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      • Wow, Saam, you’re the best. Your comments encourage me so much, and your beautiful heart, your spirit, is so precious. I am so grateful to be able to encourage you. Thank you from the bottom of my <3.

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