A Valentine’s Wish

Artist Jon Whitcomb; photo: pinterest

Artist Jon Whitcomb; photo: pinterest

Romantic Flash Fiction:

You have dreamed of this moment for years, decades even, and now you have it. Step aboard the cruise liner headed for destiny, next stop: true love. Gaze reverently at the light of the full moon shining magnificently over rippling water, fragmenting into star-like sparkles on the surface of the warm sea. The evening breeze ruffles your elegant dress, sending goosebumps over every pore of your skin, and as you close your eyes, you dream of what you have come for, luxuriating in anticipation for what joy awaits.

With a step of courage, you stride out alone onto the open-air terrace with a view of the stars glistening in the night sky. You whirl around in your dress and feel it twirl, the evidence that you have stepped up to the status of a princess. But then, even here, doubts defy you like an army on a frontal assault. They whisper harsh words of your past and play to your fears, stinging your heart like a poisonous ray, until all that is left of your courage are the cold feet you walked in on. Yet there is something deep within you willing you to go on and fight the fears like a counter-battalion of fortitude you never knew you had. This is destiny. And you will not be overcome.

Sounds from the galley below drift up to the terrace where you stand, the exquisite music of a philharmonic orchestra, playing your tune, giving you hope.

Out of the stairwell, on the other side of the finely polished terrace, steps a man whose confidence and gentle demeanor flow from his heart, capturing yours in one smooth motion. He smiles to you as he walks over. Your heart beats wildly with a mixture of anxiety and apprehension. This couldn’t be happening, you think. And yet it is. He sees you and finds you and comes to you.

Words could hardly do this meeting justice, so he slides his warm hand into yours, entwining his fingers through yours, drawing you near. His other hand slips around your back as his touch electrifies your spirit, like the fire of a torch. Gently and hardly noticeably at all, you find yourself swaying together, dancing to the rhythm of the philharmonic melody. You lean closer and close your eyes, swept away by this man whom you feel like you’ve known for years.

As you dance, your cheek touches his and you feel an overwhelming desire to kiss him. As your heart melts under the bliss of true love, you turn to him, your lips a hair’s breath from his. His arms are wrapped around your waist and you feel his warmth through every part of your being.

As you gaze into his sparkling, inviting eyes, he grins. “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart,” he says. “I knew you’d come.”


19 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Wish

      • Interesting! And you’re not sure why? Maybe you have a soft spot in your heart for a “David” somewhere, someone who acts like the main character in my story for you personally. 🙂

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      • I think it’s just that I like the way David sounds in my head. I like it better than Dave…. 😉 Especially with the way you write. I think you bring out a touch of reverence in me.

        “Dave” sounds like someone I’d play basketball with! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, you’re so funny! 🙂 I wouldn’t play basketball with you, but I might be persuaded to play other activities.. Can I ask you then, if you saw a romance novel on the shelf written by a David, would you be more apt to choose that book over a Dave?

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      • I suppose I’m with you. I look at the content first, too. It’s often the cover that catches my eye and might move me to check the content or not, call me superficial. 🙂

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  1. But also, come to think of it, there is a David that I have a soft spot for, huzzah. I wrote about him. There was this *ahem* tense moment we had once (okay, more than once), and it moved me to write. I hope he NEVER sees it! It was slightly…naughty. 🙂


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