Return to Love

Four-line Romantic Flash Fiction:

With reckless abandon, Alyssa dove into his arms and crushed her lips to his, her breasts pressing to his chest like blazing hot iron meets raw steel.

She panted into his mouth, “I thought I’d never see you again.”

“Every moment I was gone,” he replied, “I thought of you, my darling, and counted every step on my return to your embrace.”

With virile lips, he took her breath away; with stout hands, he held her close; and with romantic words, he stole her heart.


18 thoughts on “Return to Love

  1. I love this! The description literally brings it out the vision and I had a perfect picture of it all. I like this line the most “breasts pressing to his chest like blazing hot iron meets raw steel. ” so well written I am swooning.

    Reading this has just brightened my day 😄

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  2. How gorgeous! You sure packed a lot into those four sentences; I’m extremely impressed. I confess to having a favourite sentence: the last one. While the other three create beautiful visual imagery, the final one speaks to me internally, which is just the right way to end the piece. It’s beautiful.

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  3. I am always warmed by your words — no matter how many or few. I think you could probably offer just as much hope and joy and love in your smile, without ever uttering a word. 😉

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  4. Yep. Still amazing.

    I was gone for a few weeks. I missed this decadence, David. So very much.

    You capture the essence of passion so brilliantly (you make me want to say the “f” word in a good way! ha!)

    I hope the past few weeks have treated you well, friend. ❥

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    • Hi Just Me! I’m so happy to see you here again! I’ve actually started to take a break from the blog while I work on my novel. You’ll notice I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. But I love your comments, and I’m thrilled that you favorited my stories. Thank you! 🙂 You know, any way I can prompt you to say the “f” word in a good way, I’ve truly done something… 😉 Feel free to say that whenever you’d like as you read my past stories. I may not be posting again until May. But I miss interacting here, so it might be earlier. Hope you are doing well, too! ❤

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