Waiting For His Return

Artist Julian Paul; pinterest.com

Romantic Flash Fiction:

Morning brought with it a chilly, restless spring breeze that swelled over the lifeless stalks of left-over winter. And with the wind, a vibrant spirit of love ruffled in – subtle, whimsical, yet altogether alluring in beauty – lifting the tall blades of grass to attention, leaving the dandelions to shudder with fear that something entrancing and mysterious was afoot. Meanwhile, nature danced to the chorus of the farm at sunrise, birds in violent chirping, cowbells jangling in the stables, a sheep or two bleating on the grassy hills over the horizon, and a rooster to wake the world.

Azalea breathed in the fresh air with a strong inhale as she stepped out the front door of the house, letting the screen door bang shut behind her. With a smile firmly in place, she traipsed down the wooden steps of the deck onto the lawn that led out to the stables. He was coming soon! It had been too long.

Every day he had been away, she had counted the days, the hours, the minutes – if she’d been able to keep up with thinking about him every minute of every day. But oh, how she had tried! Afternoons on horseback, evenings by the fire, nights lying in bed, mornings also … lying in bed – in every place, she had thought of him. His strong callous hands, imagining them comforting her. His laughter, imagining it infiltrating and enveloping her with its warmth. His brawny hard-working arms, imagining them around her.

And now, finally he was here!

Charging into the stable, she kicked off her shoes and hopped onto the hay, waiting to surprise him. Pulling down her blouse around her shoulders revealed more skin and she wanted desperately to attract his attention on the day he returned. Finally she heard his footsteps in the stable. Then she saw him. He stopped, utterly stunned at the sight of her. His wide grin and sparkling eyes behind the muscular exterior set her off.

“Hey stranger,” she called to her boyfriend. “Miss me?”


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