Kissing Belladonna

Vintage French Postcard;

Romantic four-line flash fiction:

Belladonna’s kiss was a magical voyage to a world that I only thought existed in illusory flights of imagination.

The instant our lips met, the spark of sheer passion, the blissful caress of our affections, shot through us like the flames of a roaring fire.

With our tongues voraciously dancing and interlacing, all I desired was to satisfy the thirst of her tired soul, forcing her with its sheer intensity to melt into the smoldering fire of my delicious consumption.

“I love you, Belladonna,” I whispered with warm, gentle breath on her ear, nibbling, caressing, my fingers touching her skin, our hearts exploding, our bodies sweltering with what we knew would come next.


16 thoughts on “Kissing Belladonna

    • Aw, thank you, my sweet friend! I am more than honored to hear that coming from you as I greatly admire your sensual style as well. I love to create a sense of anticipation and heighten every sense in the body, just as your writing does for me. 😉


  1. I love these four line flash fiction stories and you manage to create a beautiful scene in just a few lines and that shows you are an amazing writer Davey. I love this and how beautifully described the kiss is. It’s beautiful 😍

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