The Story Within a Story

Artist Kai Carpenter;

Romantic Dialogue Flash Fiction:

“But he sought better days,” I recited to Cassia from the romance novel, “his life a long road of wistful adventures on the open sea, all of which having taken a toll on his health and his mental well-being. But her. She was the light through it all, the guiding star that pointed the way in his wayward heart.”

Cassia moaned contentedly, cuddling closer with her long, soft brunette hair splashed over my broad chest. “We all need someone like that for us, don’t you think?”

“I think I could relate,” I said, turning to Cassia and kissing her softly on her cheek before turning back to the book. We were so close that our cheeks lightly grazed one another. “But it doesn’t end there. She runs away. But he never gives up on her. It would be years of him sailing the seven seas to catch up with her.”

“Does he… eventually?” she asked, rolling over onto my chest, her breath warm on my lips.

I put the book aside, gazed into her tender eyes, and stroked her satin hair. “Cassia, you don’t want me spoil the whole story for you, do you?”

“I’m curious,” she replied. “Spoil away.”

My two forefingers drew her chin up to mine and I kissed her long and delicately on her silken lips. Finally I said, “Maybe it’s like our story. With you, my love, I’ll never spoil the ending. Instead, I want us to discover it on our own. Both of us together. It’s more exciting that way. Are you with me?”

Cassia softened her eyes and lay back, pulling my neck gently to lie on top of her. “Lead on, sailor.”


19 thoughts on “The Story Within a Story

      • Yes it is sweeter than honey, you know I love your stories. I really am a romantic heart so I look forward to many more mi amigo

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      • Hi, Dave sorry for leaving this message on your blog but I deleted my email address. And I am letting all my WP friends know, Something happened this week and my mind has been in a bad place I shut the world out when I get like this. My uncle died and I got pictures of my baby niece tombstone. I cried all yesterday while deleting my email address I almost deleted my wp, but I didn’t. Anyways I just wanted to let you know in case you tried to email me. Be safe and well blessings to you amigo

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      • Moe, I’m so terribly sorry to hear that! 😦 I will pray for you and your family during this hard time. Hang in there, amiga. Hugs of comfort for you. Please don’t delete WP. You can always take a break and come back when things calm down for you. In the meantime, I won’t forget to pray for you. Take care.

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    • Saam!! I’ve missed you, my friend!! A huge hug for you on your return here. And every time you come back here, I promise you one, and maybe more so be careful, haha… I mean it, your absence has been felt. I hope you are doing well, lovely. Thank you as always for your encouraging comments. I would love it if you’d read some more. But no pressure. A new post today you might like. 🙂 ❤

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