Under the Cherry Trees

Artist Preston Blair; pinterest.com

Romantic 4-line flash fiction:

Fresh air teemed with inexorable life as a cool mountain spring wind tossled Celosia’s honey blonde hair.

As the cherry blossoms dotted the landscape pink against an azure afternoon sky, my shoes crunched gravel as I meandered beside her along the path with my fingers interlaced with hers.

“This is it,” I said, drawing her to myself, wrapping my arm around her shoulders, my lips a hair’s breath from hers.

“Don’t let me go,” Celosia pleaded breathlessly, a tiny tear trickling down her cheek, as our lips met and warmth flooded my soul, my heart aching for her to stay.

Author’s note: I’ll be heading to Japan this weekend in search of cherry blossom trees. Perhaps there is a romance story lingering there beneath the cherry trees, waiting for just the right moment when an author may happen by and capture a slice of romantic magic.


9 thoughts on “Under the Cherry Trees

  1. This may have only been four lines, but wow, was it beautiful. The entire story was there. You make goodbyes sound so poignant. Every goodbye should be said among the cherry blossoms.

    We will raise a glass to you this weekend as the girls weekend out reaches its crescendo. ❤︎

    Safe travels. Please take lots of pictures!


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  2. Such beauty and love is always wonderful even written in few words. Be safe and well amigo, I will be taking a break from wp for a little bit but I will back to it in a week or so. I just need a break to clear my mind, talk to again soon hugs and blessings

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