Leading to this moment

Artist Edwin Georgi; pinterest.com

Frolicking foreplay of tugging loose clothing, teasing loose hair, laughing together, kissing gently, nibbling ear lobes, unbuttoning buttons, licking fingers, tickling bellies, giving goosebumps, tracing lace patterns, grazing body parts, leaning in, leaning out, entwining legs, massaging tight muscles, caressing unconfined, petting soft fur, fondling turn-ons, rising in stimulation, tasting hot and sweet, melting in fervent heat, desiring more, consuming more… led to this moment. With you. Right here.


19 thoughts on “Leading to this moment

  1. Omg! How can so many seemingly simple and simply delicious moves lead up to something so wondrous?

    The smile began at “frolicking.”

    My eyes got bigger as each phrase registered…my mouth was open (jaw-dropped!) at “petting soft fur…”

    Wow. Just wow.

    You make everything……better, somehow. ♥︎

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