When Love Fondles the Heart

Artist Ed Tadiello; pinterest.com

Soft and tender were my words, my breath, my warmth that fondled her heart and enveloped her soul.

“Of all the women in the world tonight, none come close to you, my love,” I respired like fingers on a piano that touched all the right keys, “in perfect beauty and elegance, in suppleness and style.”

A delicate kiss on her ear followed my romantic rhetoric of love, revealing how much she meant to me on this date, sparking the flame that burned deep within us both, yearning to break free.

“Don’t stop,” she replied with eyes closed and a salacious moan, “let me hear it again.”


8 thoughts on “When Love Fondles the Heart

  1. I salivate to be loved like that;) I’m wondering if you might want to be a guest author on my blog. I’m trying it out, and I like your ability to convey romantic feelings. I don’t get out and read much, so this is my way of appreciating your work best. Let me know. I understand if not, I can be quite explicit;)

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    • That’s very sweet of you, H.I.! Just to keep a measure of anonymity, I’d prefer not to be interviewed, but if you’d like to share one of my recent stories on your blog, I’d be okay with that. Let me know what you had in mind. 🙂


      • I think you can “re-blog” a post if you like it, meaning that it posts on your blog. And you can add a comment, too, I think. You can try it by clicking the “share” link at the bottom of the post. 🙂 Maybe this helps but maybe you already knew that. I’ve actually never re-blogged, so not sure how it works either. hehe


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