The Fuel of our Loving Desire

My mouth trails unhurriedly on the road from the nape of your neck to your loving sweet spot.

Indulging in you, my lips caress your slender shoulders of smooth ivory like buttery cream on vanilla delight.

Strong and tender are my hands that clench your flesh under your red silk dress as you exhale a deeply orgasmic delectable groan.

Your heat presses into mine, our bodies fueled by our loving desire.

Futile Resistance

pop art;

Sands velvet to the touch soak up the midday heat, drawing passion and desire into intense intimacy.

Waves of the ocean kiss the beach as my fingers press deep into your shoulders, the conduit of electricity that pulses through my massage.

I feel you resisting, opposing the feelings that you know will lead to euphoric rapture.

Why do you pull away, struggling against your own heart, against your body that rises in ecstasy, longing for release?

Torrent of Fiery Nourishment

Artist Max Ginsburg;

Robust hands clutch you from behind as the heat of passion between us rises briskly like flames ascending from a river of sensuous craving.

Breasts full and plump burst from the tightness of your dress as you grip the hem, lifting it higher, aching for the nourishment that I have promised only to you.

Moaning and exhaling the hunger that drives your most intense desire, you close your eyes to find yourself lost in a world of sensual bliss.

Warm lips begin at your ear and gravitate lower, slowly, languidly, building anticipation, heightening your impassioned euphoric release.

Every Day Forever

Artist Ed Tadiello;

In a lone cabin deep in the heart of the forest, we slip into the bedroom and surrender to the hunger that has been building in our bodies all weekend.

While your hands explore every muscle of my taut frame, feverish intensity rises to new levels as our tongues engage in playful arousal.

“I’ve always known you loved me,” you whisper into my mouth, “since the day we met at the lake.”

“Since that day and every day forever,” I say as our breath mingles together and our kiss dissolves into one craving delicacy.

You’re early

Artist Ernest Chiriaka;

Languidly and licentiously Fuchsia applied ruby lipstick and puckered in the mirror, her heart hammering in her chest.

Her lover would be here soon, and she found herself lightly panting in anticipation and expectation, not necessarily from where they were planning to go, but rather what they were planning to do there.

In a flash, she barely had time to gasp, sensing his presence suddenly behind her, feeling his strong hands caressing her warmth and his lips pressing to her neck.

Fuchsia clutched to the dress that she had meant to put on for their date, covering only her front, whispering with euphoric realization that he was actually here, “You’re early, my love!”

Under a Canopy of Love

Artist Edwin Georgi;

As the day yielded to a cool summer evening, we strolled among the apple orchards whose thick branches lifted over us like a canopy of love.

Quiet was the wind that blew peacefully along the grassy ground, its blades yielding sweetly to your feet with every step.

Tenderly I wrapped my jacket over your shoulders, desiring to soothe your chill with warmth.

“I love you,” I whispered, knowing full well that beginning tonight, my life would never be the same because you were in it.

How to Truly Live

Artist Arthur Sarnoff;

The dream I had envisioned last night of Lotus undressing on the grass by our lakeside cabin was as vivid as if it had actually happened.

And the next morning, it did.

As the rising sun at dawn glistened the color of sapphire over the ripples of the lake behind her, she laughed with joy as she lifted her dress over her head.

Never one to pass up an opportunity, Lotus dove into the lake, swimming out a ways until she turned back, gesturing to me, calling me in, inviting me to throw caution to the wind and truly live.