Inside the Ivy-Veiled Wall

Artist Rudy Nappi;

A harsh breeze ruffles curtains as summer changes to fall. A whistle of coldness blows and echoes outside the ivy-veiled wall. A dash of wind brings flames to life by a fireplace warm and cozy.

Inside the mood is set for love and our passion is the fire’s heat. As my lips trail a kiss from your earlobe to your neck, you exhale hard in long, drawn-out tendrils. My hands with hot fingers start at your shoulders, a gentle warm massage, and drift further down, finding your perky breasts, your nipples plump and erect at my touch.

I want nothing more than to see you writhe with orgasmic pleasure from my touch and my breath on your ear. My words whisper in your ear that you are perfect, my ideal, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.  My hands find your smooth thighs and slide up, bringing your skirt with them, opening your legs. Are you with me, my love? Are you ready to stoke your fire and light up your night?

“Yes, my love!” you cry, throwing your head back and closing your eyes. “Yes!”


Immoveable Mountains

ed tadiello

Artist Ed Tadiello;

As immoveable as mountains
Worn from stormy gusts
Is my love that draws you near
And anchors your heart to mine.

Deep in your eyes is the flame
That kindles my love afresh.

There are riches in these hills,
Treasures of gold,
Treasures untold,
Refined and shimmering bright.
Is my love
That glistens for you.

The Heart to be Conquered

beach kiss - arthur sarnoff

Artist Arthur Sarnoff –

It took more strength than Delphine realized to carry his love across the threshold of her querulous heart. As she lie on the beach towel, the sea breeze ruffling softly through her auburn hair, he scooted closer and pressed his lips to hers. His was a delicate sweetness, an effervescent intoxication that intensified with every charm and fortitude. One kiss was enough. All defenses fell that day. The waves whispered up to a thirsty shore that soaked in love. And hers was the heart to be conquered.

The glade of sacred intimacy


Artist Steve Hanks;

Love is a current of ecstasy in a river that flows through a tranquil forest.

Deep in the forest glade under streams of sunlight bringing hope to the lovesick soul, the lovers embraced. Like ravenous wolves, they clutched with tenacious hands and teased each other with tepid tongues.

Her lover was broad and solid, a man of men, secure and staunch, breathing over her heat and swelter. “Just let my lips feast upon your honeydew, the suckling of your inner beauty,” he said as his mouth met her flesh in tangible solace.

At once, branches of the forest trees responded in sway with a scorching wind, raking over the lovers like dancing flames in a raging wildfire.

Wet and willing, warm and wanton, her body constrained her release. Her breathing escalated in shorter and quicker spurts, her breasts lifting and lowering. “Take me, my lover,” she gasped, “pour into me your ferocious bite, the sting of my lust, the venom of your love.”

The forest knew its place in this dance, swirling leaves surrounding the lovers, capturing the moment in fantasy and whim.

His touch plunged beneath the surface, as deep as her heart, like a diver reaching ocean depths. “Feel me, my love, my heart molding to yours like liquid heat, like lava that creates islands.”

With pleasure surging and boiling over, she longed to scream but found no voice. She wanted to burst but found no break. “Now, my lover,” she finally shrieked. “Now!”

Clawing, moaning, howling, writhing like wolves on the hunt, they played with ferocious ecstasy as their companion, their bliss rising to the sun beyond the forest, to the keeper of their sacred glade.

Her lover complied, injecting into her fresh euphoria, a moment that burst like microcosms crashing into milky ways.

In its wake, love washed over her, releasing millions of stars of orgasmic elation. For a moment, the forest grew silent in reverence. The birds ceased their chirps, and the river stopped its flow.

An aching moment of silence passed between man and nature, but it replayed in hearts’ song when their lips met once again, and their craving desires mutually resurfaced.

Her Book Boyfriend

Artist Edward Runci;

On a windswept beach
under a golden sun
bathing in the cool shade,
she stenciled a heart
into the soft sand
and dreamed of him.
Her lover was larger than life
In every way,
Walking tall and strong,
Protecting what was his,
Romancing what was hers,
Enjoying what was theirs.
Her fantasy,
Her mirage,
Her apparition.
Was his look,
his walk,
his touch.
She came here to be with him
To soak in his smile
To graze his sweet lips
To make her skin tingle
To make her heart flutter
To make her folds simmer.
He was here in her heart and mind
Bursting from the page
To ensnare her delicate essence.

A goodnight kiss


Moonlight gleamed across the hay-covered loft
with a silver ray of light
dancing over her delicate
wavy blonde hair.

I leaned up from the ladder,
and heart-struck,
beholding my lover’s beauty.

Leaning over the top,
she smiled through her loving gaze,
and our lips met
like two stars converging
in a galaxy that knew no other.

I whispered goodnight,
a tender voice
but a desperate plea
to be with the one I love
forever and ever.