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Her Book Boyfriend

Artist Edward Runci; pinterest.com

On a windswept beach
under a golden sun
bathing in the cool shade,
she stenciled a heart
into the soft sand
and dreamed of him.
Her lover was larger than life
In every way,
Walking tall and strong,
Protecting what was his,
Romancing what was hers,
Enjoying what was theirs.
Her fantasy,
Her mirage,
Her apparition.
Was his look,
his walk,
his touch.
She came here to be with him
To soak in his smile
To graze his sweet lips
To make her skin tingle
To make her heart flutter
To make her folds simmer.
He was here in her heart and mind
Bursting from the page
To ensnare her delicate essence.

Futile Resistance

pop art; pinterest.com

Sands velvet to the touch soak up the midday heat, drawing passion and desire into intense intimacy.

Waves of the ocean kiss the beach as my fingers press deep into your shoulders, the conduit of electricity that pulses through my massage.

I feel you resisting, opposing the feelings that you know will lead to euphoric rapture.

Why do you pull away, struggling against your own heart, against your body that rises in ecstasy, longing for release?

Seduced by Westerly Winds

Artist Ed Tadiello; pinterest.com

Romantic Descriptive Flash Fiction:

Gentle westerly winds touched the beach like the caress of warm, delicate fingers. Waves, petering off at the edge of the shore, sauntered up the sand like evocative tongues of foam, licking the beach and returning to the ocean. Heightening stimulation, intense rays of the sun palpated the sand and skin with swelter and kindle. In the breeze, palm fronds whispered words of love and making love and promises to satiate the thirst of the soul for that which fills and fulfills. The smell of coconut oil sizzling on her bare shoulders intoxicated even the breeze with its lingering kiss.

Waratah knew the beach well, the pleasure attained here, the encapsulation of beauty that not only surrounded it, but enfolded her as well. To this place, she would consistently return. To refresh and renew. To relax and unwind. To be one with the sun’s caresses, to know deep solace, resting, ruminating, rendering indulgence and in this place, gratification.

The dream of him here with her, caressing like the breeze, whispering like the palms, intoxicating like coconut oil, palpating like the sun, licking like the waves. It made her heart soar, her body tingle, her tongue wet on her lips, as she spread out on the sand, taken captive once again, here in this place.

Gently Whispered Dreams

Artist Arthur Sarnoff; photo: pinterest

Artist Arthur Sarnoff; photo: pinterest

Romantic Flash Fiction:

It was a glorious sunny day at Love Beach when she heard her dreams whisper to her from the hollow of a seashell. They were words that she had known in the deepest recesses of her heart and longed to hear if only for a day.

Along the slope of a sandy dune, Kahili Ginger lay on a beach blanket, basking in the summer sun. Behind her in the branches of green leafy trees, birds chirped and sang melodies that calmed her soul as the waves softly trickled up the sand in overlapping froth. The scent of coconut suntan lotion over her breasts and legs was soothing and comforting, and the fresh sea air reminded her of when she was a little girl laughing and running on the sand to escape the next harrowing incoming wave from tickling her toes.

Reclining on her back, she removed her sunglasses to receive his kiss as he leaned in closer and found her lips. His kiss was like the penetrating sweetness of a pomegranate that sank in deeper into her taste buds and lingered there, stirring up delectable flavor. Their tongues danced like silk on satin, and she moaned into it as his delicate passion took her breath away, leaving her yearning for more.

He was gazing into her eyes when she opened hers, the brightness of the sun making her squint. Just one smile from him was enough to melt her heart. She stared back at him, lost in his eyes, drawn to a place where time stood still. Inhaling and exhaling slowly, she felt her chest rise and fall like the ocean waves.

“Kahili Ginger,” he said, his voice a deep tonal co-mingling of masculine power and tender grace. “I love you with all of my heart. And I know I always will.”

Dropping the seashell from her ear, she grinned broadly and wrapped her arms around his bare shoulders, pulling him in for another kiss. This was the whisper from the seashell, the words of the ocean. Not a gentle sea breeze, but his words, his heart, and his voice.

A Dip in the Ocean of Love

Artist Paul Rader

Artist Paul Rader; photo: pinterest

Romantic Flash Fiction:

Love was moonlight over a calm tropical ocean, the waves lifting and lowering in rhythmic timing, rolling up onto the beach in soft whispers. Leaving my bathing suit on the shore, I waded out into the bath water of the docile sea that soon enveloped my body from the waist down. The tropical cerulean water glowed turquoise from the light of the moon and even at night, I could see clear to the bottom. My feet glided buoyantly over the soft sand below as I drifted out into deeper water. When the level had cleared my waist, I dove under and let the warmth of the salt water enfold every part of my naked form.

When I broke through the surface again, I turned back and smiled when I saw my love. Danica had followed suit and stripped off her bikini, wading into the water after me. The moonlight on her body took my breath away, casting a beautiful image in light and shadow, all at once brilliant and lovely, every sexy curve, every delightful line. My eyes feasted upon her beauty and my heart leaped like a calf bounding on eastern hills.

I treaded water as I waited for her to come to me. With dazzling eyes, she beheld me with love for the one she had given her heart to, and then she dove under with a graceful tuck. I watched as her smooth rear cheeks surfaced momentarily and dipped back under. Then she was up through the surface just in front of me, slicking her hair back and grinning from ear to ear.

“You’re crazy,” she said with a laugh. She had never known me to take such risks before, skinny-dipping under the moonlight at a secluded beach cove far off the beaten path. Sometimes the people closest to us can surprise us the most.

“Crazy about you, Danica,” I said, my hands finding her ribs under the water, sliding down to her curvy hips, drawing her to myself.

When our bodies met, she belted out an orgasmic gasp that turned into a flirtatious moan. “Don’t give me passion,” she whispered close to my mouth, ready to devour it. “Give me romance. Give me all of you. Tonight. Whatever you’re willing to give. I’ll take it.”

Take Me Away

Artist Mabel Rollins Harris; photo: pinterest

Artist Mabel Rollins Harris; photo: pinterest

Romantic Flash Fiction 20:

For years Forsythia had only dreamed of the ocean. Its magnificence in splendor, its waves crashing upon rocky shores, its delicate whisper as foamy waves crawled eagerly upon a sandy beach.

In her dream, she was always naked, stripped of everything that held her down, or held her back. All burdens she had removed at the beach – bags and boxes of things that distracted her from life, the stuff that she knew she really didn’t need and never satisfied. There were things that hurt like heartache and loss, things that stung like past failures, things like broken promises, and things hard to forgive and forget. All of it, every single piece of luggage that weighed her down like an overloaded flight on a two-passenger jetliner. She discarded it on the shore. Littered. Tossed it amuck.

Then she was free.

In the salt water, the waves tickled her legs as she walked out a ways and gazed up at the sky. The sun was strong on her bare skin, her breasts perky and saluting the ultra-violet rays. She smiled at the day. Clouds trimmed the horizon and clear sapphire painted an otherwise cloudy sky.

Therefore, it was no wonder that she would ask him with all of her heart, “Take me away! I want to see the ocean.”

Wanting more than anything to love her and show her that love in action, Davey brought her out to a secluded cove that weekend. The seagulls welcomed them with their squawks, and the waves rolled reverently upon the sandy shore. Upon gazing at the ocean, she cried, tears staining her rosy cheeks. “It’s everything I’ve ever known it would be.”

Together they waded in knee-deep ocean water, both naked, both alive for the first time in their lives. In the seclusion of the cove, they made love on the beach that day, taking each other to heights of pleasure and delight. Then they kissed long and deep and slow, enjoying each other’s company, basking in the sun and the tranquility of the beach.

As they lay beside each other on a beach towel later that afternoon, Forsythia nestled in his protective arms and sighed contentedly.

“Forsythia,” whispered Davey gently in her ear, “is the ocean everything you’d ever hoped it would be?”

She closed her eyes and for a silent moment pondered the question. The waves rolled in from the water’s edge and tickled her toes as she pulled her windswept hair back. Was it everything she’d ever dreamed of?

“Only one thing was missing from my dream,” she replied, turning her face to his and gazing deeply into his eyes. A wave crashed upon the beach behind them, but they paid it no attention. “You are the best part of my life,” she said softly. “If I could visit a thousand beaches and swim with the dolphins in open waters at every one, it wouldn’t compare to being here with you.”

“I love you, Forsythia,” he said, his hand tenderly sliding loose strands of her hair away from her face. “I was hoping you’d say that.”

The Fragrance of Love

Artist Ed Tadiello; photo: pinterest

Artist Ed Tadiello; photo: pinterest

Romantic Flash Fiction 19:

As high tide pounded the rocky shore with every exuberant crash of the waves, dark clouds rolled in, interrupting the lover’s walk. Letting the strong wind whip through her auburn hair, Virginiana felt the tiny pellets of ocean spray kiss her soft cheeks as she held Davey’s hand, careful not to slip on the rocks. Seagulls squawked nearby, two of them fleeting over the water at breakneck speed, with wings spread, struggling about in the stormy gusts.

The sound of the wind and the buffeting waves became almost terrifying the closer she walked to the water.

She turned to Davey and the sight of his smile set her heart at ease. “The ocean can be so beautiful,” she said, raising her voice over the wind and waves. “But stir it up a bit, and it becomes an infuriated beast.”

As she stepped cautiously over a sea-washed boulder, she suddenly slipped and would have dropped into the ocean if it hadn’t been for Davey catching her. She was immediately cognizant of his presence on hers, his strong arm wrapped around her waist, his fingers warm to the touch, even through the thin fabric of her dress. She looked up at him with wide eyes as if to say, “Do that again,” and Davey moved in closer for a kiss.

As soon as their lips touched, Virginiana felt like she had been plunged into a romantic world where only she and Davey existed and life begins a new dawn, a new day full of hope. She moaned from the touch of his lips and his tongue as she slid her fingers through his hair. Behind them, a wave pummeled the rocks nearby, sending spray like rain over both of them.

It was a date that she would remember for the rest of her life. He had taken her here upon her request, to return to the place where they had first met over a year ago – the beach where they’d first laid eyes on each other, and where they’d fallen in love. Back then, the sun was high in the sky and the weather was warm and inviting. She remembered how his cologne had taken her breath away and every detail of how he’d looked in his surfing trunks, his taut muscles glistening on a summer’s beach.

Almost immediately following their first date, Virginiana had moved away for work but had promised to stay in touch. Days without him had left her lonely and remorseful, regretting ever leaving him, worrying that he would find someone new. By the time she had found a way to come back, she assumed it would be too late. But not for Davey. He said that if it had taken fifty years, he still would have waited and he still would have dreamed of her day and night, praying for the day of her return.

Finally they reunited. Finally they declared their love for each other. Finally they were here, back at their beach. Never to part again.

As Davey held her close, she breathed in his scent that she had kept in her memory every day since she had moved away. Davey whispered in her ear, “I’m glad you said yes. I was so frightened you might say you’d have to leave again.”

She looked deep into his eyes and shook her head. “I’ll never leave again. That’s a promise I intend to keep.”

As their lips met again, Virginiana’s heart soared like an albatross high over the water. No matter what would befall their journey together, she was willing to dive in with every ounce of her being.

Stormy winds, crashing waves, and pounding surf could come. They were more than welcome. Because being held in the arms of her lover, she finally knew peace, and she could rest there a while, knowing that they would weather the storms together from now on.

It was a simple lesson she had learned while being away. That he was the missing piece of her heart. The agony of waiting and the desire to return had finally subsided, and left in its wake the scent of a man with whom she had vowed to spend the rest of her life.

In love. Always.