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A Kiss in the Park

Artist Ron Hicks; pinterest.com

Sensual Romance Flash Fiction:

In the summer sunshine, the grassy meadow with its dew heavy like a blanket of moist velvet, glistened under deep blue skies. Clouds like feathered pillows plumed heavenward and sighed in repose as a babbling brook trickled along, its fresh water palpating over stones and fallen tree branches. Birds joined the chorus and offered a lullaby of hope on this glorious morning in the park where Gladiolus met me by the park bench.

“I got your message to meet you here,” she said panting heavily, tossing several shopping bags onto the bench next to me. “I’m glad I didn’t miss you. I couldn’t get away as fast as I’d hoped.”

For just a moment, I sat there appraising her with the eyes of one who lights up in the presence of elegance and artistry. As she stood before me with her hands on her hips, flipping her short curly hair back, she stole my breath away in one moment, my heart picking up the pace to catch up to my thoughts that had burst in pure adoration and love.

“I would’ve waited for as long as it took,” I replied softly. “I had to see you.”

She squinted her eyes and cocked her head. “Why?” she asked with a grin. “The last time we met, you didn’t seem so interested.”

As the invisible electric surge that linked our hearts drew her nearer, I reached out my hand to hers and took hold of it, feeling its warmth. As she drifted closer, I was suddenly keenly aware of her breasts through her sheer white blouse and her smooth kissable thighs visible under her mini-skirt.

“That was because you had your arm linked around someone else’s,” I said.

“And now that I don’t?” she asked, her eyes softening as she peered into mine.

“There you have the answer to your question,” I grinned, pulling her down to the bench swiftly, my arm catching her around the waist as she sat to the right of me.

“Oo,” she grunted pleasurably, turning her face to mine.

In the same smooth motion, my lips pressed to hers as our mouths opened naturally, our tongues slipping in and finding each other’s wet and wanting. As we kissed, my right hand stayed around her back, heat coursing through my fingers through the fabric of her blouse, while my left held her side.

When we separated, she whispered close to my mouth, “You were always the one I wanted anyway. I loved you but I was afraid I couldn’t have you.”

“Gladiolus, let me ease your fears,” I said, tenderly stroking her cheek. “So that you’ll never have to doubt again.”

When our lips met again, it was with more force, more urgency, more of everything. The barricade that had been in the way of us being together before was now crushed beneath our feet, and we both knew that there was nothing holding us back now.

All around us nature stirred and the sun rose higher in the morning sky. Gladiolus swung her leg over my waist to straddle me, kissing me fervently, her fingers gently gliding along my jaw line as her tongue made love to mine.

Leading to this moment

Artist Edwin Georgi; pinterest.com

Romantic flash fiction:

Frolicking foreplay of tugging loose clothing, teasing loose hair, laughing together, kissing gently, nibbling ear lobes, unbuttoning buttons, licking fingers, tickling bellies, giving goosebumps, tracing lace patterns, grazing body parts, leaning in, leaning out, entwining legs, massaging tight muscles, caressing unconfined, petting soft fur, fondling turn-ons, rising in stimulation, tasting hot and sweet, melting in fervent heat, desiring more, consuming more… led to this moment. With you. Right here.