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Romantic Japan

Lovely ladies posing under a sakura (cherry blossom) tree.


Charmed by this darling woman’s sakura tattoo. 😉

It was my first time in Tokyo. Stereotypes of a crowded, bustling city of sardine-packed commuter trains and smog-polluted air were crushed the instant I laid eyes on her beauty. It was in her distinctly Japanese culture where I discovered her hidden treasure. Her radiant smile, her genuine charm and courtesy, her gentle demeanor, her graciousness in all things truly captured my heart. She stood before me like a giant city, but in her simple, orderly ways, her green trees, sunshine, and deep blue skies, she held a serene beauty unmatched anywhere on earth.

Was there a romantic story hidden within her alluring heart? Absolutely. To you, I will return, to draw out your delightful wealth, to uncover the mystery of what is purely you, purely exquisite, a story that will capture others’ hearts and charm them as you have charmed me.