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Longing and Waiting


Morning on the lake was placid solitude. Birds chirped in harmony, whose tweeting echoed across the surface of the water to find a home in Oleander’s heart. She had been lying in her rowboat overcome by hardships, torn from the inside, crushed by every single blow of life. But here, in this place where green mountains and rocky cliffs rose at the water’s edge, she sensed the contentment that grows deep within and comes from a source unknown to most but known to some.

And she breathed.

An inhale long and slow and lovely, an exhale to push away the longing in the deepest recesses of her soul. How could she not think of him? Her darling love that had been away too long, soon to return, he had promised. But recent misfortunes had come into her life without him one after another, and she desperately missed his arms, his touch, his kiss.

This was their lake. Hours of passionate lovemaking in the lakeside inn would always lead back here, a row in the boat over calm waters that spoke peace to their hearts and nourished their love. He would hold her, and they would kiss and melt together into lovers’ bliss.

As she dipped her foot over the edge of the boat into the cool water, she closed her eyes and dreamed of him. She could see his eyes now and almost feel them watching her, always with love, and sometimes with lust. It felt good to be wanted, desired, loved.

And then a sound cut the water, the birds, the morning, and the dream. No, it couldn’t be! She sat up quickly and her heart skipped a beat. Another boat in the distance was rowing its way in her direction. Was it? Could it be?

Tears trickled to the surface and filled her eyes as she cupped her hands over her mouth. As the boat drew nearer, she saw him, his face radiant with a smile, her lasting hope and joy.

He was here.


The Passions that Drive Us

Artist Ed Tadiello; photo: pinterest

Artist Ed Tadiello; photo: pinterest

Romantic Flash Fiction:

The lake at dawn breathed in meditation, inhaling and exhaling with the gentle breeze of a new day. As a brilliant sun rose in the eastern sky, painting the horizon pastels of magenta, cadmium, and red amber, songs of morning birds welcomed the day. The ripe scent of pine trees permeated the crisp air while tiny waves rippled along the glassy surface that reflected the colorful sky like a mosaic. Far across the lake, the outline of the cluster of forest trees yielded from evening to dawn with the sun burning off the fog that had shrouded them earlier.

I was holding the warm hand of Lilac Honey, my darling lover, as we followed the path along the edge of the lake. Having spent the past three days at my cabin deep in the heart of a secluded mountain forest, I had grown to love her. Before that, I had only lusted after her, and I’ll admit that my original intentions for taking her to the cabin had ulterior motives. She had obviously known, too, but the passions that drove us had overtaken us both, and on the first night, we tore each other’s clothes off and made love for hours on the wooden porch that overlooked the lake, while a steady stream of mountain rain made a fountain-like wall from the edge of the porch roof to the ground.

The next day was supposed to be a thrilling series of romantic activities, soaking up the beautiful nature around us and enjoying each other’s company, but instead we fought like cats, clawing at each other, never satisfied with our answers to each other’s questions and finding stubbornness the ruling factor that eventually yielded to anger and resentment.

By evening, we had made up and were once again on kissing terms, devouring and succumbing to passions that drove us wilder and more savage in intensity. We tore our clothes off like they were on fire and there in the kitchen, we once again made love as we rose together to a crescendo of wild desire.

With naked bodies lying on mink on the living room floor, we held each other and felt warmth course through each other’s bodies like shared electric currents. We kissed for some time, stopped to talk, then kissed again.

This morning as we walked around the lake, I glanced at Lilac Honey and my heart felt as though it was soaring higher than the highest clouds in the sunrise-glistening sky. In the distance, a lark whooped and a woodpecker tapped on a tree. As we held hands, she leaned into me.

I sighed heavily, knowing that our time together was short. We would be heading back that evening, back to the world we both knew would send us in opposite directions.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said, squeezing my hand. Then she stopped and turned to me, her eyes misty and vulnerable. “I don’t want this to end either.”

My fingers brushed across her cheek. “Then why does it have to?”

“You know why,” she replied, shaking her head, wanting to make it work, to find a way that we could be together forever. “There is a reality that neither of us can escape from.”

“Lilac Honey,” I said, as if about to make a formal declaration, “I swear to you this will never end. My love for you is the escape we seek. My love for you is what will sustain us even when doubts tear us apart or distance seems too unbearable to bridge. I’ll never stop loving you. Like the light of this dawn, it can only grow into a noonday sun. And it will. And so will my love. Isn’t that enough?”

She nestled into me, close and intimate, and I felt her warmth and inhaled her sweet scent. “You’ve captured my heart,” she said. “No matter where we are, I will never be able to leave you. We must never give up hope that one day… We will find each other again.”

“We will,” I said, planting my lips on hers, letting them open like a rose bud in spring as they invited me in, both of us knowing that it was not to be our last.