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Whisper a Melody of Love

Artist Rudy Nappi; picssr.com

Romantic flash fiction:

Soft echoes of blissful sighing drift in with every wave, a parade of messages off the coast, a desire for solitude and belonging, tranquility and assurance. An ocean breeze fans through your thistledown hair as you lean back into me, resting with peace of mind and heart. My fingers on your cheek bring a smile to your face and I whisper things in your ear only we know. My left arm wraps around your side, drawing you closer, and your hands cover my fingers. I gently kiss your ear, provoking a reaction, a moan.

Every evening we spend on this beach, walking with sandals over tiny sea-saturated rocks, searching for seashells to add to your collection. We meander hand in hand and don’t even think of the time, as if time doesn’t exist here, or anywhere with you.

And with every sunset over a dazzling lustrous horizon, I fall more and more in love with you. Your playful laugh and joyful spirit, your desire simply to be with me and me with you, your heart of love that fills the universe with benevolence. If the universe ever depleted of goodness, if that were ever possible while you existed within it, you would fill it up again, because the goodness in your heart would be more than enough to go around and come back again for seconds and thirds and however many times it needed you. And it needs you, you know.

I need you like that. I am that universe of depletion to you and I need the replenishment of your love to sustain me. Without you, the ocean waves wouldn’t roll, nor would they continually whisper your name over and over in sweetest refrain, a song that needs no note to duplicate a symphony. Without you, the sun wouldn’t reflect on the glassy surface and blind my eyes with love. And how blind I am to all else but you. You revolve in my sphere of sight like a planet that knows only one moon, and I reach to you as a plant finds its water of life.

Now you are here with me as the sea fondles our hearts, tickles our fancy, and rests assured in quiet trust that nothing can ever disturb us like this. I kiss you on the cheek and you finally turn to me, a gleam of pure radiance dancing in your eyes. When your lips touch mine, it is like the sand receiving the sea, the water soaking into every crevice between every rock and particle. My arms scoop around you, pulling you in, lifting you up. You laugh and I bring you back down, back to our kiss, the place where we and the ocean become one.